Get to know our history

We are an agricultural bio inputs platform that adds transformative and sustainable solutions to our customers for a better life.

Throughout our history, we have built a close relationship with the fields, committed to Brazilian agriculture and the success of farmers, developing innovative solutions and offering a multicultural and multifunctional portfolio of high efficiency and scope, focused on the needs of the fields and centered on our clients.

In the constant search for innovations that boost productivity, sustainability and regeneration, we constantly invest in generating information with renowned research institutions and consultants all over Brazil, promoting qualified support and technical training for all our customers and partners. Currently, we have one of the largest gene banks of microorganisms in the country, with more than 700 strains of our own and unlimited biotechnological potential. This makes it possible to offer the national and international markets robust portfolios of biological products, special fertilizers, adjuvants, inoculants and additives for other purposes.

Agrivalle in Numbers

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*Dados referente ao ano de 2021 | **Média do volume de vendas em kg – Ano 2016 a 2020

Data for the year 2021



Creation of Supra Fertilizers


Start of work with biologicals by Agri Haus


Association with MFB Agrícola and partnership with Casa Bugre


Merger of the Supra Fertilizantes, Agri Haus and Agrivalle brands


Agrivalle starts talks with investment funds and signs NBO in Oct/2019


Agrivalle receives investments from SK Tarpon /10b and joins Massen brand.


“The most valuable company in the Bioinput sector”.

Principles and Values

In the constant search for improvements and growth, we have tried to invest over the years in deliveries that increasingly improve the quality of the soil, the plant, the system as a whole and its regeneration. With a promising future, we offer differentiation in our products and services to our clients, adding transformative and sustainable solutions focused on the following principles and values:
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Focus on and of the Customer

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Simplicity and effectiveness

icone transparencia

Transparency and coherence

Manufacturing Unit

Lean methodology to generate efficiency and better workflows. Use of automation and 4.0 industry, adopting production processes with closed cycles where we seek 0% of industrial waste with a production capacity greater than 28.5 million kilo/liters.

Management Model

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We look for people who believe in the principle of regeneration, with life as a life-giving source. People who transmit trust and establish connections with lasting relationships. People who work with simplicity, but who transmit safety in the effectiveness of their day-to-day deliveries. May they have as foundations in their journey the principles of transparency and coherence. People who propose changes through innovative solutions and who dedicate themselves daily with a focus on customers and for them. At Agrivalle we encourage everyone’s involvement in the whole. This is our differential.


Having the most efficient and comprehensive portfolio of bio inputs on the market for the most varied business challenges.


Customer-oriented culture to build competitive advantages through the integration of efficient solutions.


Develop professionals committed to the company’s goals to bring appropriate solutions to our customers.